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A wooden fort with someone looking out through the cracks with binoculars and a sign that reads 'no URLs allowed'

Bass Fishing Forums:
It's Time to Learn to Play with Others

By: Katie Backa

If the day ever comes when you decide to create your own fishing website, you might notice something that seems incredibly counterintuitive…

Actual bass fishing “forums” don’t allow outside links.

You read that correctly – visit most popular bass fishing forum websites, and they’ll usually note in their rules that “links to outside sites” are prohibited [or something to that effect].


If these forums did appreciate the concept of SEO, they’d understand how valuable it can be to have links shared within and to your website.

So valuable, in fact, that it’s an actual business marketing strategy is known as “SEO Link Building”.

“But that’ll direct traffic AWAY from my forum!!!”

Actually, it doesn’t – the more interaction your site has with other relevant sites, the better your odds are of showing up in places like GOOGLE.

You remember Google, right??

Limiting links to unrelated spam is completely understandable, but restricting the sharing of valuable resources is simply counterproductive – and those forums which encourage the practice of “copying and pasting” content directly to their forums [without a link back to the author/origin] are deliberately violating copyright and trademark laws.

Once upon a time, there was a place for “OMG no outside links”, but that day has long since passed.

Today, it’s all about sharing the interwebz by allowing links to the rest of it – and if you’re lucky, they’ll link back to your website as a courtesy.

Happy interwebzing!!


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