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text: You spin me right round

Kayak Fishing 101: Spinnerbaits

By: Katie Backa

text: Spinner...what?! The elusive spinnerbait. So many moving parts. So much hardware. These things actually catch fish?! In short? Yep.

text: What's in a spinnerbait? Illustration of a spinnerbait with all of the components labeled

text: What they look like. Illustration of a spinnerbait in a school of baitfish

text: Types of doodle boppers. Spinnerbaits come with all kinds of blades and blade combinations, but the 3 most common are willow, Colorado, Indiana. With illustrations of each type of blade.

text: What they do...willow: tight wiggle, fast action. Colorado: strong thumping action, slower. Indiana: most subtle action. With illustrations of each type of blade.

text: When to throw it?! Some people only throw one when the water is murky, but really? You can throw one pretty much anywhere there's baitfish, most of the time.

text: Won't that hardware hang up?! Nope! Because of their unique design, these lures are great moving in and around cover. Illustrations of a spinnerbait moving through timber, brush, grass, and rocks.

Now...Are you ready to get out there and throw a spinnerbait?!?

Stay safe out there, guys!!


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