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text: The Summer C's

Fishing The Summer C's

By: Katie Backa

With heat index values in excess of 105 degrees - there's no doubt that summer is in full swing in Texas!

And while many people will seek refuge in the comfort of their air conditioned homes, some of us will undoubtedly venture out into the elements to chase those green beauties.

But if you've never tried to fish when the mercury is soaring - you may be in for a rude awakening...

Because just like the coldest months of the year, the hottest months of the year can prove to be pretty challenging as well.

So what's an angler to do?!?

Look to the "Summer C's"...

text: The Summer C's, when temperatures start to soar - just look to those summer C's

The first C: COOL

text: Cool - check any areas with cooler water...bass enjoy a good shade tree, just as much as you do!

The second C: COVER

text: cover - docks, rocks, brush, grass, boats, undercuts - pretty much anywhere you find a shadow...

The third C: CURRENT

text: current: whether it's a creek channel, a windy poiunt, or a water discharge - moving water = more oxygenation

The fourth C: CORNERS

text: Corners: Think about where the corners are - but think OUTSIDE of the box - corners of docks, the side of a point, a creek channel bend - check the points!

So what are those "Summer C's"???

text: Cool, cover, current, corners

Please feel free to share the link for this article, and let me know if there's more content like this that ya'll want to learn about!

Stay safe out there, guys!


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