Fish Like A Kat

Fish Like A Kat

Drop a line and get hooked...

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Adventures in Life & Fishing

Artwork of a fishing baitcaster drawn by Katie Katie measuring a 22 inch inch bass Katie fishing from her kayak Ryan and Katie holding up I voted stickers Katie holding a 21.5 inch bass Katie with an 8.9 pound bass Katie with a 5.8 pound bass Katie with a 7.4 pound bass Sunset over Lake Grapevine Katie with a 5.4 pound bass Katie holding up a fish with a side view of her kayak Landscape image of Possum Kingdom Lake Katie holding a 6 pound fish View of a storm coming in over a water fountain View of a ribbon tail worm sticking out of a basses mouth
Katie holding a 22 inch bass Katie holding a bass under her boathouse Katie with a 7.4 pound bass Katie with a spotted bass Katie and Ryan in the truck on the way to the Lonestar Throwdown 2019 Silhouette shot of an Osprey taking flight from a branch at sunset Katie and Ryan's pickup truck being worked on in the Walmart Auto Center parking lot Landscape shot at the end of a dock with a welcome mat at Possum Kingdom Lake Katie with a 6.11 pound bass Silhouette of a group of cranes in the trees by the lake at sunset Katie picking up a kayak donation from Felix Rodriguez Katie with a 5 pound bass Bass being held by the jaw with a jig in its mouth Katie with a 5.7 pound bass
5 pound bass being measured during a tournament Katie and Ryan relaxing on a dock after a Sunday tournament Sunset over the lake Katie with a 5.7 pound bass The back window of the truck with sponsor decals all over it Katie and Ryan fishing on their kayaks Katie holding a rescued seagull Katie holding a little spotted bass A picture of Katie on the back of a Pennsylvania Angler Magazine in 2017 Katie with a 21.5 inch bass