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Written script in aqua blue and blue, fish the what, an infographic series

Volume 1: Structure

Let's face it... There's a lot to learn when it comes to bass fishing.

Seasons, patterns, lures, baits, structure, cover, weather, ratios, actions...the list goes on and on.

Leaving a lot of people thinking..."Fish the what???"

Fortunately, anglers are some of the most determined, detail-oriented, patient stubborn people you'll ever meet.

Unfortunately, that also means that a lot of anglers have a lot of trouble asking for help.

Luckily, there happen to be a few of us out there that remember those days - and happen to enjoy writing...and coloring.

So to all of my fellow anglers out there who want to learn a few things, or maybe just see things from a different perspective, I give you...

Fish The What?! An infographic series

Today's episode??


Written script: What is structure? Structure is the ground beneath your feet and beneath your boat. Structure is the shape and lay of the land. Cover sits on or grows on structure. Structure= Points, humps, bluffs, channels, flats, holes, saddles, depressions, drop offs, undercuts

Written script around drawings of points: This is what a point looks like on a map. This is roughly what a point looks like under water.  Points can be made of different compositions, and very in size and shape - but they're typically near transitions, like creek channels.  Main lake points are also called primary points.  Secondary points are found beyond a primary point; think, up a creek channel

Written script around drawings of channel swings: Inside channel swing, the slow lane, slower moving water erodes more gradually, creating a slope, which also catches sediment washout. Outside channel swing, the fast lane, faster moving water erodes away at the shoreline, eventually causing steep drop-offs and bluff walls.  The water tends to be deeper here. The end of a creek channel forms a main lake point.

Written script around drawings of drop offs, bluufs, saddles, and undercuts. Drop offs, sudden drop in depth, usually caused from a current.  Bluffs, aka bluff walls are sheer walls that extend above the water, usually made up of stone or a mix of earth and stone. Saddles are made of a low area between two higher structures near each other, like two humps or two points. Undercuts are often found in the side of bluff walls but can also be found along banks. They're usually created by water currents that cut into the bluff or bank.

Written script around drawings of humps and holes. Humps, elevated areas of the lake floor that have deep water on all sides. Holes, the opposite of a hump.

Written script around drawings of depressions: an indent/very shallow hole in the lake bottom. It isn't large enough to be usable, like a footprint in soft soil!

Written script around drawings of flats: the large, flat area of the lake floor, typically in shallower areas, aka spawning flats. A lot of times they'll be in coves and channel creeks, but they can be anywhere on the lake.

Stay tuned for more infographic series, and please let me know if there's any specific content you'd like me to write about!

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Tight lines!!


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