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Rusty black colored football head style jig

Have You Ever Considered Using a "Dry Box"?

There's no better feeling than loading up your gear, heading out to the lake, launching your kayak, and getting ready to hook up with a big, old bass. You grab your favorite rod, open up your tackle box, and to your find that your favorite lure has rusted out...

Various types of rusty fishing lures

No matter how diligent you are with your tackle, if you aren't really careful about packing all of your gear up at the end of the day - you run the risk of letting water sneak into your tackle box. And let's face it...after a long day of slinging fish into your kayak - who feels like drying everything out before packing it all up??

Cue: The Dry Box.

Recycled plastic takeout food container full of wet fishing lures

What's a dry box?
*Hint: I'm not talking about an expensive, waterproof box with gaskets*

To put it simply: The dry box on my kayak is a recycled takeout container!

After I've been out on my kayak, I tend to have a handful of wet lures that I've tied on throughout the day, and rather than putting them back into my tackle boxes - I toss them into the dry box. When I get home, I bring the little dry box inside with me, and lay everything out on a paper towel to dry - including plastics.

Various types of fishing lures drying on a paper towel

Various types of fishing plastics drying on a paper towel

By the next morning, everything is dried out, and ready to go back into my tackle box.

Best of all? It costs nothing, but saves a ton of money in the long run!