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Numerous hard fishing lures found and refurbished by Katie

Lost & Found:
Reclaiming and Refurbishing Fishing Lures

Happy Valentine's Day, ya'll!!!

Last week was full of server-side difficulties, so to make up for the lack of a post, I thought I would write an in-depth piece about a personal hobby/passion/obsession of mine...

Today I wanted to show some love to the island of misfit toys, otherwise known as, all those long-lost lures in and along the lake.

To be completely honest, going on the hunt for lures began out of curiosity and necessity; curiosity for what was on the end of a floating line, or what "that shiny thing" was in a tree - and necessity, because I'm that curious, and because frankly, fishing tackle is downright expensive.

Not to mention the fact that I'm a pretty big environmental advocate...and if you ask anyone in my family?

My nickname is "Snow White".

Katie holding an injured gull she rescued from the lake

So nothing ticks me off more than seeing yards and yards of fishing line tangled up in the trees, under the water, and along the shoreline.
Not only is it just lazy angling to cut off tons of line, rather than get it as close to the hangup as possible - but it's incredibly dangerous to any living thing that comes upon it.

Case in point: There was a great fishing spot in Pennsylvania that happened to be on private land; and the business that owned the land was kind enough to let anglers come onto their property to fish...until a heron was killed when it became tangled up in a heap of fishing line.

But I digress...

So what do you do with the lures that you find tangled up in a heap like this?

A tangled fishing net Katie pulled out of the lake laying on the boat ramp next to her kayak

Roll up your sleeves, and get to work!

There you have it!

Fantastic new lures, at a fraction of the cost - with just enough wear and tear to make them even more affective.

Stay tuned for my next article where I'll show you the steps that I took to turn this...

Bare Rattle Trap lure that needs repaired

Into this!!!

Fully restored Rattle Trap lure

Catch you all on the water!!

- Kat

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