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Infographic of what fishing jigs are used for

Infographic: Gettin' Jiggy With It

By: Katie Backa

Time to get your jig knowledge on!!

Infographic of what fishing jigs are used for

Infographic of jig anatomy 101

Infographic of how fishing jigs work

Infographic of the basic types of jigs

Infographic of a flipping and casting jig

Infographic of a football head jig

Infographic of a swim jig

Infographic of a punching jig

Infographic of a structure jig

Infographic of a ballhead jig

Infographic of an arkie head jig

Infographic of why jig hook size matters

Infographic of what a jig trailer is

Infographic of the basic types of colors of jigs

Infographic of how to work a jig

Keep an eye out for a new section that I'm putting together just for all you newbs out there!!

Stay safe out there, guys!


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