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Two different photos of a crankbait lure

Lure Photography: 101

By: Katie Backa

The Internet is full of creators of all kinds.

These days, if you can think it up?
Chances are, someone makes it.

And fishing tackle is no exception.

Heck, even I've played around with making a few lures here and there!

But when it comes to creating things, and especially, selling things??

There's a common theme that I keep coming across...

A lot of people are really terrible at photography.

Now don't get me wrong - saying that isn't to make fun of or shame those of you who might not have a natural eye for photography.

Yes, I'm bringing this up to let you know that your pictures kinda suck...a lot...but I'm also bringing this up to help you realize, that with just a few adjustments - they totally don't have to...

To keep things super simple, I'm only going to use one example this round.

Since this is more for a SUPER beginner, I'm also not going to get fancy with any photography terms or camera settings.

Literally, the only thing you need to take decent photos?
Is a camera phone that's less than 5(ish) years old.

So here's a prime example of what I see when someone posts that they're making their own lures:

Terrible photograph of a crankbait

As you can see, I noted the settings that this picture was taken with.

Now, can you see the lure?? Sure.

But the flash washing out the photo, and the gigantic shadows distract from the lure itself.

Fortunately, with all of 3 steps, you can turn this into an entirely different photo...

A less terrible photograph of a crankbait

Turn off the flash, turn on a bright light in the room, and shoot from an angle.

But if you want to kick your game up a little more??

We're gonna have to take things outside...

A much better photograph of a crankbait outside

Now that's more like it!!

As you can see, the only thing that changed from the last picture, is the venue.

If you want to get really fancy?? Read on...

A nice outdoor photograph of a crankbait

So, just like before - make sure your flash is off, you're outside, you choose a contrasting background, and shoot from an angle.

After you take your picture, go to your gallery, open the picture, and select "edit".

When you open the editing screen, you'll be able to crop the picture down, and adjust the filter/color/lighting.

Every phone is a little different, but in general, they all have some sort of "auto adjust" that will correct the photo where it's needed.

A before and after photograph of a crankbait lure
And there you have it!!

With just a few small adjustments, you can take better pictures to help people appreciate your work even more!

I hope this information helped you guys out - because at the end of the day, that's really what this site is all about.

Please feel free to share the link for this article, and let me know if there's more content like this that ya'll want to learn about!

Stay safe out there, guys!


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