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Katie holding a Hawg Trough up to the truck window from the inside

COVID-19 Tournament Quick Tip

By: Katie Backa

By now, you've probably heard that the whole world is battling the Coronavirus...

And thankfully, it seems as though most people are beginning to understand that social distancing is incredibly important right now...

But just in case you're part of a kayak fishing tournament trail that hasn't gone 100% online - I thought I would share an idea that came to mind the other day that could literally help all of us...

The number one reason that some trails are still having physical contact??

Having to "check" your measuring device...

Rather than anyone touching anything or getting entirely too close to one another:

  • Competitors: Stay in your vehicle and form a drive-through line

  • "Checker(s)": Stand at the front of the line, holding YOUR Hawg Trough

  • Competitor: Pull up to the checker


  • Both the competitor and the checker put their boards up to the glass and rotate the boards to match each other

  • Katie holding a Hawg Trough up to the truck window from the inside

    Katie holding a Hawg Trough up to the truck window from the inside

    If the boards are good - give a thumbs up, and send the competitor on their way!!

    Stay safe out there, guys!


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