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Written script in aqua blue and blue, fish the what, an infographic series

Volume 2: Cover

Let's face it...

There's a lot to learn when it comes to bass fishing...

Leaving a lot of people thinking..."Fish the what???"

In Volume 1 of "Fish The What?!", you learned all about what structure is, and where to find it.

Today's episode??


Script: What is Cover? Cover sits on or grows on structure

Script: Cover comes in many different forms including...

Script: Standing timber, Trees left standing in the water after flooding - typically they are old, dead trees...

Script: Laydowns, Trees that have fallen down, and are laying down underwater

Script: Vegetation, a fancy word for plants - floating vegetation = plants that grow while floating on top of the water, emergent vegetation= plants that grow under water, but stick out above the waterline - submergent vegetation = underwater plants

Script: Pads - padys may appear to be floating vegetation - but they actually have very long stems

Script: Wrecks, old boats that are sunken in the water - fish saying, wrecked em?! damn near killed em!

Script: Stumps, the remains of standing timber when they fall or remains from before the area became flooded

Script: Fish attractors, man-made structures to give fry and other baitfish a place to breed, live, grow, and hide from predators

Script: Docks, docks can be super productive pieces of cover - if you choose the right ones *tip, look for older or unique docks

Script: Brush piles, piles of sticks, tree limbs, Christmas trees, and other types of brush - usually put there by anglers

Script: Road beds, actual roads! Old road ways that were used before the lake was flooded

Script: Culverts - culverts are drain pipes or bridge openings that allowed water to pass through the land before the area was flooded - they're often part of a submerged road bed

Script: Matted vegetation - Heavy mats of plants - some floating, others rooted - provides excellent hiding spots for predators and bait!

Stay tuned for more infographic series, and please let me know if there's any specific content you'd like me to write about!

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Tight lines!!


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