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Kat measuring the length of her personal best largemouth bass of 2018

Great Expectations...

There's no two ways about it; consistently catching big bass is awesome.

Moving from Pennsylvania to Texas has opened up a whole new world of fishing. Every day I launch my kayak into the water, I know there's a pretty good chance that I'll pull a bass over 2 pounds. Even more incredible? Double-digit bass are no longer a mythical unicorn, but rather, a very real possibility. But at this very moment, it's becoming difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Why?? Because it's winter.

Catch data* consistently shows that most monster bass are caught in the winter; yet at the same time, right now you can be on the water for 10 hours straight, without a bite. Not. One. Do that three or four days in a row? And it can really start to wear on your enthusiasm.

But from what I hear, a period of incredible fishing during the prespawn/spawn is about to begin. (Apparently, this is a big deal in Texas...)

And therein lies the problem of "great expectations".

Hearing about this impending [bananas] fishing experience practically evey day is both good, and bad. On one hand, the promise of catching big bass like it's going out of style - is amazing [especially with tournament season quickly approaching]. On the other hand, I can't help but feel an incredible amount of pressure to catch big bass on the reg...

See the problem??

It's almost as though, hearing about how awesome the fishing is about to become, coupled with the thought of it being my "rookie year" in these parts, creates a stress monster of unusual size.

But, such is the nature of the bass game. One delayed swing. One missed "tick". One poorly tied knot. Even a momentary lapse in your confidence. And you're DONE. Because the bass don't discriminate. Bass don't care if you've been fishing for 30 years or 30 minutes; they'll make a fool of you just the same. But there again, that's what keeps me going...

The bass don't discriminate.

Manage to throw the right lure, the right way, in the right color, in the right spot, at the right speed, at the right time?? And you've bagged yourself a monster. Do that repeatedly in the right part of the lake, on the right day? And you've bagged yourself a tournament-winning stringer.

This is what keeps me dropping my kayak in, day, after day, after day...

Anything is possible.

Even something as crazy as say...a Yankee chick from Pennsylvania, shaking up the southern kayak bassin' scene in a big way...

So keep your head up, keep getting back on the water, and keep getting your fish on!!

I hear it's about to get interesting. ;)

- Kat

*Toyota ShareLunker Program Archives (n.d.). Retrieved January 31, 2019 from

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