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Kat holding a largemouth bass with a swimjig hooked in its lip

Ding Dong Ditch: Jig Fishing 101

Knock, knock...

Who's there??


There's a familiar feeling when a bass "thumps" a lure, especially a lure like a jig...some call it a "tick", others a "whack"; but no matter the description, you better be ready to slam it home when they come a knockin'.

So why do so many people miss the hit??

Obviously, when you're learning a new lure; it can be tricky to get a feel for what's a rock, what's a log, and what's a big old bass. But a lot of times, I feel like the issue with missed hits is pretty simple...a lot of people zone out.

Yes. It can [and will] get incredibly frustrating when you've been out on the water for hours without a bite.

It can be really hot. Really cold. Really windy. Really gloomy. Really nasty. Really rainy.

But don't drop your guard!

Keep a mental checklist running every time you're out on the water, and ask yourself:

  • Did you tie a good knot?
  • A really good knot?
  • The kind of knot that won't snap on a BIG bass?
  • You should probably retie that knot...
  • Does your lure looks its best [and not like a terrible science experiment]?
  • Have you checked and set your drag?

  • Before you cast?
    Put your phone down.
    When you've got your line in the water, make sure you're holding your rod - actually holding it - not resting it on your lap.
    Stop checking your phone.
    Keep your eyes on your line, so you'll notice if it's suddenly going in the opposite direction.
    Seriously. Stop scrolling through Facebook...

    Keep your line tight enough to detect the hit; and most importantly, be ready to swing away.

    Like so many have said before, those hooksets are free! I know I'd rather swing 5 times without a fish there, than missing a fish because I hesitated.

    The trickiest thing to learn with any lure, is feeling the bite even when there was no "THUD"...
    Ask any angler what a "loaded" line feels like, and you'll get as many answers as you have anglers; mostly because, it can feel like a lot of things...

    Your line might suddenly feel:

  • Very heavy
  • Very light
  • Spongy
  • Very tight
  • Very loose (and coming straight towards you)
  • Like it's stuck
  • Like you've hooked a refrigerator...

  • The list goes on and on.

    So the best advice I can give you?


    It sounds simple enough, but it's really the best way to learn what those ticks, thumps, and bumps feel like [or don't feel like].

    But remember...if you're not sure??

    LOAD IT UP!!!


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