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Kat holding up her personal best largemouth bass of 2018

Chasing Big Bass

Lunker. Hawg. Bucket-mouth.

Ask any seasoned angler, and they'll know exactly what you're talking about - a "big" bass. But the phrase "big bass" is actually a pretty relative term...

In southwestern Pennsylvania, a 5 pound largemouth can land you in a magazine. I know this, because I've done it - and at the time? I thought I had caught a MONSTER!

Kat holding a 5 pound, 24 inch bass in Pennsylvania Angler Magazine in 2017

But before you snicker, consider the Pennsylvania state record largemouth bass:

11 lb. 3 oz.
Caught in 1983*...

You read that correctly; 1983.

The state record in Texas? 18.18 lbs**. Nearly twice the size.

Which is what made relocating to the lone star state that much more appealing; the opportunity to chase the BIG boys. Currently, my personal best largemouth bass stands at 7.4 pounds (shown in the photo above for this post); a record I hope to break many times over. Obviously, I can't make any promises on exactly what I'll catch - but I can promise that I'll try to make the ride as entertaining as possible.

So here's to all my fellow die-hard anglers!

Catch you on the water,



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